Tortoise Bids For Online Fame To Support Lifestyle When Owner Is No Longer Around

A young woman is trying to make her tortoise into an online celebrity after learning that he could live up to a hundred years and will need to be able to support himself when she is no longer around.

His owner name Stephanie Schuh said that she found the tortoise named Tucker when he was no bigger than the size of a small half dollar coin.

He now lives with her permanently and she has been documenting his adventures on the island of Kauai Hawaii with the spectacular pictures and videos so that he can become an online influencer, and she laughing said that she wanted to have his own income so he can pay his bills after she is gone.


Stephanie, who is an online media creator, moved to Kauai in 2016. A few years later, she rescued her tortoise.

She told Clipzilla: “In 2019 I found Tucker just shortly after he hatched in my friend’s yard eating weeds. He was the size of an American half dollar.”

She says that the tortoise is a big explorer and that one of his favourite activities is roaming around the island.


Stephanie added: “He was gifted an adventure backpack from the cat store so I could carry him everywhere I go safely and hands-free.”

The tortoise enjoys a variety of food.

Stephanie explained: “He eats many types of lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, squash, apples, Korean pears, avocado, and tortoise pellets sometimes.”


The tortoise is still young and has plenty of growing to do.

“Over time, he will grow up to 200 pounds and can live more than 150 years.”

Stephanie said: “I’m trying to make him an online celebrity so he will make money and be able to support himself and his lifestyle after I’m gone. “

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