VIDEO: Azov Fighters Continue To Fight Against Russian Military In Streets Of Mariupol Despite Call To Give Up

Defiant Ukrainian troops have shared this video footage showing their continued resistance against Russian forces in the key city of Mariupol in south-eastern Ukraine after rejecting a Russian demand to lay down their arms.

The Ukrainian troops, from the notorious Azov Battalion, have been forced back to a sprawling steel plant with a network of subterranean tunnels where soldiers and civilians have been taking shelter under a relentless barrage from Russian forces.

The video shows a soldier holding what appears to be a Javelin-style anti-tank missile launcher and firing a rocket at a Russian armoured vehicle that lands a direct hit. The soldier then quickly ducks back inside a building to safety and can be heard saying “Yes!” as the footage ends.

Azov Fighters continue to fight against Russian military machinery on the streets of Mariupol in April 2022. (Polk Azov/Newsflash)

Russia claims to have overtaken most of the city with only the last group of defenders located at the sprawling Azovstal steel plant.

The city of Mariupol has been besieged since the beginning of the Russian invasion, on 24th February. It is regarded as key to the Russian invasion plan because its capture will contribute to providing Russia with a land bridge from its borders to occupied Crimea.

The Russian deadline for the Ukrainian forces to surrender reportedly expired at midday on Tuesday, 19th April after it was rejected by the Ukrainian forces.

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