YOU’RE FIRED: Vengeful Waiter Sets Deliveryman Ablaze After Getting Sack

This is the horrific moment a sacked waiter sets a workmate on fire and then attacks him with a machete after blaming him for being dismissed.

The shocking footage was filmed at a restaurant in the city of Birigui in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on 24th June.

The victim, a 31-year-old restaurant deliveryman suffered burns to more than 50 per cent of his body and remains in hospital in a serious condition.

Waiter sets colleague on fire and fights with machete in Birigui , Brazil, on 24th June. (Newsflash)

According to the police, the waiter and the deliveryman became embroiled in a row the day before that ended with the waiter being sacked.

The next day, the 23-year-old returned to the restaurant and sat at an outside table demanding an apology because he felt humiliated.

Grim CCTV footage then shows the deliveryman aflame as he staggers around the restaurant trying to put out the flames.

Machete used in the crime was seized in Birigui, Brazil. (Policia Militar/Newsflash)

At the same time, the sacked waiter – not named in local media – keeps slashing at him with a machete while desperate staff try to keep him at bay with chairs.

Military Police spokesperson Andre Souza said of the waiter: “He was angry at being dismissed and returned to the scene to kill his colleague.”

He added: “He took two bottles of alcohol, an aerosol spray to use as a flamethrower, and a lighter. He was prepared to set the victim on fire.”

Due to the severity of his injuries, the deliveryman was transferred to a special hospital burns unit in Marilia.

His condition is said to be serious.

Shortly after the attack, the police found the waiter trying to hide in a nearby pharmacy and arrested him for attempted murder.

A police spokesperson said: “At no time did he show any remorse.

“He even told us that he regretted not managing to kill his colleague.”

The investigation continues.

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