23 Ton Supersonic Russian Su 27 Fighter Jet Transported With Ease By Mi 26 Multipurpose Helicopter

This is the moment a supersonic Su-27 Soviet-era fighter jet is transported by the Mil Mi-26 multipurpose transport helicopter to a military hospital where it will form part of a military exhibition.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Defence, the 23,430 kilogrammes (51,654-lbs) fighter jet was lifted into the air and transported from Russia’s Leningrad Region to a military hospital in Gatchina last Friday (28th May).

The Ministry of Defence said that the Mi-26 chopper lifted the 23-tone aircraft between 150-200 metres (492-656 feet) from the ground and carried it at a speed of 100-150 kilometres per hour (62-93 mph).

Su-27 fighter being prepared for transport in the Leningrad region in Russia. (Ministry of Defense of Russia/Newsflash)

The Su-27 which was named the ‘Flaker’ by NATO has a top speed of 2,500 kph (1,600-mph) and a range of 3,530 kilometres (2,190-miles).

It was first commissioned in 1977 by the Soviet Union as a competitor to the US armies growing dominance in producing long-range heavy aircraft.

Since 1977 it has undergone several changes and variations with models being sold to several countries including China, Vietnam, and several African countries.

Su-27 fighter being prepared to be transported by Mi-26 heavy multipurpose helicopter in the Leningrad region in Russia. (Ministry of Defense of Russia/Newsflash)

The Mil Mi-26 transport helicopter known to NATO as ‘Halo’ is the largest and most powerful transport helicopter ever to go into production.

It can carry 20,000 kilogrammes (44,000-lbs) of cargo and up to 90 military personnel whilst it has a cruising speed of 255 kph (158 mph).

The Mi-26 has been involved in countless operation since it was introduced in 1983 including civilian operations such as the disaster response that followed the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown in 1986.

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