A-MA-ZING INSTINCTS: Falling Mum Shields Baby With Her Body

This is the moment a mother twists her body in mid-fall to stop her baby being smashed into the ground.

The mum’s cat-like agility kicked in while she was walking outside her home in Changde, Hunan Province, southern China last week.

The young mum – named in local media as Ms Zhang – was carrying her baby when she missed a ramp and twisted around on her ankle.

Mother protects baby with body when she steps on air and falls in Changde, China. (zhangshengnan13/AsiaWire)

But phone footage of the fall shows that as she tumbled to the ground she rolled in mid-air and shielded her baby from the impact.

The baby appears completely unhurt in the video.

Local media reported that the mother suffered minor injuries to her arms and legs.

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