An Orchestra Of Crickets Recycling A Dead Scorpion

CASTELLON DE LA PLANA, SPAIN – A keeper of exotic invertebrates has shared a video that shows an orchestra of crickets feasting on a dead scorpion. Eduardo Salvador Cabrera, 22, is an exotic invertebrates keeper and breeder, from the city of Castellón de la Plana in Spain. Eduardo who is finishing his studies in agricultural engineering filmed the crickets in his home where he usually keeps them. He told Clipzilla “Crickets are eating a dead scorpion, they are so omnivorous.” He explained further about how he got the meal for his crickets “The animal suffered a bad moult and he can not pass the process, the reason could be not enough humidity or if they are really fat they need to use a lot of energy and finally can not complete it. A really dangerous process for all of the scorpions, if this process is not completed successfully they can die, as so much time is also needed to harden their exoskeleton in scorpions. Exuviation is needed to grow in all the arachnids, some of them keep moulting during all their life, for example, whip spiders, but other ones stop moulting after they reach maturity.”

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