ANIMAL MAGIC: Pod Of Dolphins Follows Cruise Ship Along UKs Most Westerly Point

This is the moment a pod of dolphins swims alongside a cruise ship near the UK mainland’s most westerly point.

The scene was filmed near Ardnamurchan Point, Scotland, by skipper Neil White, 46, on the MV Glen Shiel cruise ship.

He shared the clip on social media with the message: “On our way from Isle of Muck to Lunga on board The Majestic Line’s Glen Shiel, we came across a pod of common dolphins that escorted us for about 20 minutes.”

A pod of dolphins escorting a Scottish cruise boat. (@saltiremarine/Newsflash)

Neil, who runs Saltire Marine Services (Scotland) Ltd, providing support and services to other marine companies, said he filmed the encounter about three miles from Ardnamurchan Point.

Neil, whose main role is acting as skipper on vessels around the UK, told Newsflash that the video was filmed on 27th April.

He said: “During the season, we encounter dolphins, whales, porpoise, basking sharks, sunfish, and a wide variety of sea birds including puffins and gannets.

A pod of dolphins escorting a Scottish cruise boat. (@saltiremarine/Newsflash)

“There were guests on board the day I filmed the dolphins and they loved it.

“Guests always enjoy watching the dolphins swim and interact with the boat.”

Neil told Newsflash: “I am privileged to skipper small cruise vessels for The Majestic Line, work for a passenger vessel operator, and carry out boat deliveries, crew training and paperwork for marine companies.

A pod of dolphins escorting a Scottish cruise boat. (@saltiremarine/Newsflash)

“My responsibilities are firstly for the safety of the guests, crew and vessel that I am skipper on, then itinerary planning, crew management, and guest relations. I also liaise with the shoreside team for support as necessary.”

He added: “I provide a skipper service to both commercial and private clients on a wide range of motor vessels.”

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