BIKER CRASH: Moment Man On Motorcycle Is Sent Flying After Crashing Into Turning Car And Nearly Hitting Pedestrian

This is the moment a man on a motorcycle is sent flying after crashing into a turning car and nearly hitting a pedestrian in Rio.

The footage begins by showing the pedestrian walking on the pavement near a street corner. A black car can then be seen pulling up and crossing into the other lane as it turns into another street.

But all of a sudden, the motorcyclist appears on screen and crashes into the front of the car at speed, seriously damaging it.

An unknown man goes flying from a motorcycle after collision with car, as a man walking on the side walks narrowly avoids the flying man, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022. The injured man was taken to the to hospital. (Newsflash)

The images, recorded by a security camera, show him being sent flying through the air and narrowly missing the pedestrian before landing in a heap on the pavement.

Other security camera footage shows him sitting up despite the crash, although he appears unable to get back to his feet.

The incident took place in the Honorio Gurgel neighbourhood of the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, on Monday, 15th August.

A man driving towards a car in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022. He later collided with the car. (Newsflash)

The motorcycle rider, who has not been named, was left injured in the incident, according to local media.

The motorcyclist, who had not been wearing a helmet and who, according to local reports, was unable to get back to his feet after the crash, was taken to the Getulio Vargas Hospital.

There have been no further updates on his condition.

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