Brave Firemen Lowered Head First into Narrow Well to Rescue Dog

This is the moment a brave Italian firefighter lowered headfirst by his feet into a narrow well so that he can grab a dog which is stuck at the bottom and pulls it to safety.

The rescue was filmed in Ponte Felcino in the city of Perugia in the central Italian region of Umbria.

The Fire Department shared the video on social media on 26th December with the message: “Two fire teams were called to Ponte Felcino to rescue a 75-year-old man who got trapped in a well while trying to rescue his dog that fell in.”

The video footage however does not show the rescue of the man, just the rescue of the dog which is seen being pulled out by the brave firemen after being lowered headfirst into the narrow hole in order to rescue the scared pooch.

It was then lifted out apparently uninjured where it was then safely reunited with its owner.

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