British Tourist Leaves Inheritance To Turkish Bellboy Who Used The Money To Pay For His Kids To Go To School

A Turkish bellboy has been left a small fortune by a British tourist guest at his hotel.

The substantial sum of cash is reported to be the lion’s share of the inheritance left by British tourist Charles George Courtney, whose age was not stated.

The exact amount of the money that was left by the British man was not revealed, but it was said to be enough that the Turkish man does not need to work again.

British tourist Charles George Courtney who spent his holiday at the Korur Hotel in Kusadasi district of Aydin in Turkey. (Newsflash)

However, bellboy Taskin Dasdan said he loved his job too much and, although incredibly grateful, plans to continue working because he loves the opportunity it gives him to meet people from all around the world.

Speak to local media, Taskin said that the generous offer also included some smaller amounts to his hotel colleagues, and he admitted he and they had no idea they were in line to get anything.

He said the first he heard of it was when the hotel was contacted by officials from the UK saying they wanted to speak to some members of staff. And he admitted he was floored when he was told about it.

He said he had been working as a bellboy since 1990, had known Charles for many years, and always tried to make him feel welcome and part of the family, as he did with all guests.

British tourist Charles George Courtney (left) who spent his holiday at the Korur Hotel in Kusadasi district of Aydin in Turkey, in a photo with the bellboy Taskin Dasdan (right). (Newsflash)

He added that he also knew he was generous, as the older man at one stage had given him some money for his children’s education, for which he had been enormously grateful, although he never expected anything else.

He said the British man spent his holidays every year in the Kusadasi district of Aydin at the Korur De Lux Hotel, where he met Taskin, who had a talent for making his guests feel at home.

After Charles passed away on an unspecified date this year, his relatives were surprised to find that in his will the main share of his inheritance was to go to Taskin with some smaller bequests to other hotel members.

Taskin told the Bayez Gazete: “At the hotel, we treat everyone equally, we treat them as family, not as tourists.”

He said: “We got a phone call from England after Charles passed saying that he had left us a large share of his inheritance.”

Taskin told the Bayez Gazete that Charles always stayed in room 401, which had become known as ‘Charlie’s Room’ and would always remind staff at the hotel of the Brit who went from being a guest to a member of the family.

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