Clever Parrots Show Their Smarts With Tricks Like Skateboarding – But Also Gettting Into Trouble By Stealing Treats And Hiding

These are the two cute and clever parrots who are sometimes too clever – because as well as skateboarding and doing other stunts they also get up to mischief – stealing food and hiding when they get the chance.

The owner of the parrots, 25-year old Katy Goerss, hails from the city of Austin, Texas.

Katy told Clipzilla that one of the parrots is the five-year-old Pluto, which belongs to a species named sun parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis), and the other parrot is the 9-month-old Cassini, which belongs to black-headed caique species (Pionites melanocephalus).

Cassini, the parrot from Dallas, Texas. (@plutobirdie/Clipzilla)

In the videos, the Cassini parrot can be seen enjoying under the shower with a song, then standing on the spining chandelier and also, eating his owner’s tacos, while Pluto can be seen skateboarding and flying back to his owner.

Katy told Clipzilla: “Pluto can skateboard, rollover, kiss, spin around, wave, and show his wings on command.

“He eats mainly vegetables, pellets, and some fruit and seed but just for treats.

Cassini, the parrot from Dallas, Texas. (@plutobirdie/Clipzilla)

“It is very challenging to take care of birds because there are hundreds of dangerous things that most people would not expect, such as certain kinds of cooking ware, air fresheners, candles. They are also very very loud and take a patient person who can care for them as they are still considered wild animals, not domesticated.

She smilingly added: “If we ever can not find Pluto, he is either stealing our food or he is in his dad’s cowboy boots.

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