Cop Shoots A Fleeing Suspect When His Armed Hand Gets Stuck In The Car Door

This is the moment a driver ends up being shot after trying to speed away from police, trapping the hand of one of them inside the vehicle he is in and dragging him down the road.

The officer-involved shooting incident happened in Little Rock in Arkansas in the United States on the 8th of May 2021.

A video of the incidents was posted by the Little Rock Police Department on the 14th of May.

Two officers from the Little Rock Police Department responded to a “driving without owner consent” call.

The officers were informed that there were two previous calls made about the suspect driving this vehicle parking at that address.

They were all made by a woman who reported that the father of her daughter has stolen her car and came to the house he no longer lived in.

Once the officers located the vehicle they approached it in order to make contact with the driver.

The officers approached both the driver’s and passenger’s side of the vehicle and officer Hunter knocked few times on the driver’s side window.

A man opened the window.

After a few questions, the man was asked to provide his documents and asked to open the passenger’s side window.

The man’s temper quickly grew.

The officer talking to the suspect tried to deescalate the situation, but the driver became angrier.

When he was asked by the officer to exit the vehicle, the driver tried to lock the door of the car.

The officer who was on the passenger’s side of the vehicle had his weapon drawn and moved in order to come to the other side and help his partner.

At that moment the suspect took the opportunity to flee the police encounter and started driving the car.

Besides almost running the cops over, the hand of the officer who came over from the passenger’s side got stuck in the car door and was dragging the police officer along.

Police officer involved in shooting in Arkansas, USA. (Little Rock Police Department/Clipzilla)

A body camera video from the officer stuck at the car door shows that he and the suspect struggled over the weapon that the officer is holding.

The weapon was discharged during the struggle.

After being dragged for about 15 feet (4.5 metres) the officer was able to free himself from the vehicle, but his weapon remained in the vehicle while the driver sped away.

After a while, the officers were able to locate the vehicle again.

The vehicle was wrecked and as the officers approached it they realised that the driver was suffering from a gunshot wound in his leg.

More officers arrived at the scene and helped the suspect out of the car, then performing first aid until the ambulance arrived and transported him to a local hospital.

The driver was later identified as Michael Smith. He was released from the hospital on the 11th of May, at that time Officers with the Little Rock Police Department transported him to the Pulaski County Jail where he was booked with several charges.

An investigation has begun for the officers involved in the incident.

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