Cute Moment Two Rescued Baby Owls In Colorado Hand Fed Along With Their Mum

This is the cute moment two baby owls are hand-fed after they were rescued when their mum was taken ill and unable to care for them in Colorado.

The owl family was rescued by the Broomfield Police Department in Broomfield, Colorado in the United States.

A resident reported that they saw the adult nocturnal bird walking on the ground in broad daylight near Reserve Place and Broadlands Drive.


After the officers brought the owl in, a neighbour informed them that the bird had owlets in a nest nearby.

Fearing that the young birds will not survive alone, the officers found the nest and took them to reunite them with their mother.

The younglings were taken to ‘Birds of Prey’ Foundation where they received a hefty meal.

In a video posted by the Broomfield Police Department, the two owlets can be seen enjoying their food.

The owlets are draped with a towel to keep them warm while being hand-fed with a help of a tweezer.

The pair seems to be loving the food since they can be seen fighting over who gets the next bite.

After the meal, which appears to have consisted of meat, the owlets were reunited with their mom.

The owl and owlets are being cared for by the Birds of Prey Foundation, a rehabilitation organisation in Broomfield for injured, ill and orphaned birds of prey.

According to the police, the mother seems to be recovering well and the family will be released back into the wild when she is fully healed.

It is still unclear how the mother owl was injured.

The owl family belongs to the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) type. They are very common in Colorado, living anywhere where rocky nesting sites are available and even venturing into urban areas.

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