Drone Films Caravan Of Camels Walking Through Rare Flash Flood In Saudi Arabian Desert

This unusual footage shows a caravan of camels trying to flee after a rare flash flood in the Saudi Arabian desert while their herder tries to guide them.

The rear scene in which torrential rain washed down in the desert was captured west of the Saudi Arabian governorate of Al Khurmah in the Mecca Province.

It was filmed with a drone camera by resident Bedah (Abu Faisal) al-Bedah who later shared the images on social media.


Local sources said a flash flood happened in the area while a man was herding his caravan of camels and Bedah decided to capture the moment.

The video shows a man standing on higher ground and seemingly yelling commands at the pack while a stream of water flows underneath him.

The small caravan of camels slowly walks through the flood when one of the animals is seen falling down and struggling to get back up.


The footage goes on to show the camels walking across the Saudi Arabian desert as massive amounts of water continue to flood the desert underneath their feet.

The video ends showing the group calmly walking over still water under the sun’s orange glow making for a stunning scene.

Saudi Arabia’s National Center of Meteorology reported that heavy storms were expected to affect several regions in the west of the country, including Mecca.


The Saudi Arabian regions of Jizan, Asir and the tourist hotspot of Al-Baha also experienced heavy rain last week which caused floods in different parts of the western regions.

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