Firefighters Helped A Dog And A Cat To Breath Again Using An Inhaler After Smoke Inhalation

City of Merced Fire Department firefighters saved the lives of two pets who were poisoned by smoke from a building that was on fire.

The firefighters’ team responded at 8.21am to a Fire Alarm in the 1000 block of West 14th Street in Merced, California on Thursday (19th August).

Firefighters said there were no injuries, but a dog named Oreo and a cat, Sassafras were taken out of the house after being poisoned with smoke. The animals suffered from respiratory disorders.

To save their lives, firefighters used masks donated from Girl Scout Troop 3003 and helped them breathe.

City of Merced Fire Department wrote:” Firefighters demonstrate that pet masks make a difference in saving the lives of beloved pets who have suffered the ill effects of smoke inhalation.”

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