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Girl Keeps Up Dance Routine While Sobbing Throughout Causing Chaos On The Stage

This is the moment a cute Chinese girl sobs her way through an entire dance routine for a Children’s Day show and even has her hat tangled with a classmate’s.

The footage features children from a kindergarten in the city of Xianning in the Chinese province of Hubei performing a concert at the end of last month ahead of Children’s Day, celebrated in the country on 1st June.

In the video, the girl is seen crying on stage while performing a dance with a handkerchief.

Little girl cries while performing on stage in Xianning, China. (4891798/AsiaWire)

Apparently hating every second, the youngster hits her marks and carries on performing the routine next to classmates in traditional outfits.

At one point, the girl’s hat gets snagged with a classmate’s and the tears appear to intensify when the garment is knocked from her head.

She holds on to her hat as her classmate eventually whips it from her hands, upsetting her further.

Little girl cries while performing on stage in Xianning, China. (4891798/AsiaWire)

The classmate then spends several uncomfortable seconds trying to untangle the two hats before a furious girl pushes her into position and tries to keep up the routine.

The classmate gives up on separating the headwear and throws them on the edge of the stage before running to the side with her bawling pal.

Still crying, the little girl was apparently told beforehand that the show must always go on, and she endearingly keeps up the dance steps as the footage ends.

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