GOOD MORNING ELEPHANT: Family Of Elephants Walking In Front Of Hotel Room Found By Guest

This is the moment a man steps out of his hotel room and finds a family of elephants by the swimming pool.

The video was recorded by user @pubityearth in Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, located in the province of Mpumalanga, located in North-Eastern South Africa, on 30th April.

The video shows how the man opens the door and sees six African elephants by the pool.

Man filmed how elephants walk around his hotel room in Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Mpumalanga, South Africa On 30th April 2022. (@olwev2/Clipzilla)

Three of them are big and the other three are little.

He then places his feet on a table to relax and enjoy the unusual scenery.

User @pubityearth is known for posting interesting travel content on his social media.

In the Sabi Sabi Earth lodge, safaris are made for guests who want to see the African wilderness.

It is an area surrounded by wildlife, so encounters like the one shown in the video can happen.

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