GULL THE OTHER ONE: Cops Arrest Flasher Who Beat Woman With Dead Seagull

Cops in Germany have arrested a man for kicking a woman’s pet dog, exposing his penis to her and then beating her with a dead seagull.

The bizarre incident took place at the Oejendorfer See in Hamburg, northern Germany, on Tuesday morning (23rd August).

The victim, 31, was walking her pet dog near the lake with two friends when her assailant, 41, appeared out of nowhere and started to insult the trio and kick the pooch.

Pictures shows a a dead seagull, in Hamburg, Germany, on Tuesday, Aug, 23, 2022. The man hit a woman with this dead seagull at a park. (Newsflash)

The woman took out her mobile phone to call the police, only for the man to then pull down his trousers and expose his penis to her.

Bizarrely, he then grabbed a dead seagull from the ground and started hitting her with it.

Several police cars arrived on the scene a short while later, only for the man to take flight and try to escape through the lake.

Police peruse the suspect in a boat in Hamburg, Germany, on Tuesday, Aug, 23, 2022. The man verbally attacked a woman, exposed himself, kicked her dogs and hit her with a dead seagull at a park. (Newsflash)

But with the help of a motorboat from the fire brigade and a police helicopter, officers were able to catch up with the suspect in the middle of the lake, with two officers jumping into the water to arrest him.

They searched him and seized two knives he was carrying before taking him to the police station.

The police did not disclose the names of those involved.

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