Highly Threatened Baby Drill Born At Spanish Biopark

This baby drill, belonging to one of the most threatened primate species on the planet, was born just a month ago in Bioparc Valencia, Spain.

Drills belong to the family of Cercopithecidae and are closely related to baboons and mandrills.

It is a little known species compared to other primates such as baboons and successful conservation is vital to ensure their survival.

The baby drill that was born at Bioparc Valencia, in the city of Valencia, is one month old now. (BIOPARC Valencia/Clipzilla)

The birth of this drill cub occured within the international program of conservation in which the Valencian park plays a prominent role.

After verifying that the cub was developing normally it was immediately integrated with his animal buddies in the ‘multispecies’ enclosure where it will coexist with sitatungas, pygmy hippos, talapoins and Nile geese.

Amanda Soler from Bioparc Valencia told us the baby was a male, his father is Rafiki and his mother Kianja.

She said the birth of a drill is a symbol of hope for this endangered species.

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