HOLY SMOKE: Batman Gets Jump Start From Cops After Batmobile Breaks Down

This is the moment The Dark Knight gets a jump start from helpful cops after his Batmobile broke down on a crime-fighting mission.

The amusing scene took place in the municipality of Biguacu in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina after the battery on the Caped Crusader’s Batmobile failed.

However, officers of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) assisted The Dark Knight after he conceivably made a call to long-time police acquaintance Commissioner Gordon.

Renato Bilbao, a 54-year-old retiree who incorporates the superhero in volunteer work, charges the battery of the Batmobile ended up failing, in May, 2022, in Biguacu, Brazil. (PRF/Newsflash)

According to the traffic police, the battery on his converted Chevrolet Camaro, owned by 54-year-old retiree Renato Bilbao, died while making a journey on the BR-101 highway.

The PRF gladly gave Batman a boost with jump cables and allowed him to continue on his way to an event in Sao Bento do Sul.

The real-life Bruce Wayne, who comes from the city of Florianopolis, regularly attends events in daycare centres, hospitals and orphanages in the region,

He quit his job as an electrician four years ago and decided to volunteer his Batman services at local institutions and centres.

The Batmobile getting assistance from the police in May, 2022, in Biguacu, Brazil. (PRF/Newsflash)

Bilbao, who says he is a big fan of the 1960s ‘Batman’ TV series, explained: “As I already had the mask and the car, it was an easy transition.”

Although Batman broke down on the BR-101 on 6th May, local media reported on the mishap this week.

It is unclear if Bilbao’s Batmobile is working well after the jump start, or whether he will need to pop the Camaro into a local mechanic’s to undergo a service.

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