iPhone Stops Robbers Bullet Saving Shopkeepers Life And Giving Him Time To Fire Back

This iPhone saved a shopkeeper’s life after it stopped a bullet during an armed robbery at his store, giving him time to fire back at the crooks.

The robbery took place in the neighbourhood of Clima Bom in the north-eastern Brazilian municipality of Maceio on the night of 24th April.

Two robbers entered the dairy-products store disguised as rubbish collectors before announcing the holdup.

Policia Civil de Alagoas/Newsflash

Seconds later, they shot at the shopkeeper, who impulsively reacted by holding up his mobile phone in front of the gun, stopping the bullet. A second shot hit the wall.

Photos of the damaged phone, which appears to be an Apple iPhone, show how the bullet apparently hit the device in the camera area.

According to the police, the uninjured shopkeeper then grabbed his legally-owned firearm and shot back at the robbers, one of whom died at the scene and the other of whom managed to flee.

The fleeing suspect jumped over a fence and hid in a neighbour’s garden. However, local residents revealed his location to the police, on whom he fired when they arrived on the scene.

Policia Civil de Alagoas/Newsflash

The police officers fired back, injuring the man, and he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

Officers seized the revolvers used by both suspects in the holdup.

The victim was taken to a local police station, but was released in the early hours of the following morning, as officers determined he had acted in self-defence.

The police will investigate the case and will question further witnesses as part of the investigation.

The names of the people and establishment involved have been withheld.

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