JEALOUS BRIT ‘PUSHED BOYFRIEND FROM BALCONY’: Court Hears How Holidaymaker Was Killed After Row

A British holidaymaker pushed her boyfriend to his death from their hotel balcony after a furious row in their bloodstained room, a court in Turkey has heard.

Victim Pegram Reece, 22, died instantly when he fell 100 feet onto a concrete yard from the five-star hotel in Side, Antalya, where he was staying with Mary Meyers Kayley on 12th March.

On 19th July, the court in Manavgat heard how when police investigated the death they found bloodstains all over the couple’s room.

Mary Meyers Kayley, 31, on trial for the murder of Pegram Reece on 12th March, 2021, in Antalya, Turkey. (Newsflash)

Hotel staff had reported how the pair had been drinking heavily hours before the death.

Scots-born Kayley, 31, was said to be so drunk she had to be taken to her room by hotel staff.

Prosecutors told the trial that the couple had rowed furiously in the moments leading up to Reece’s death.

But Kayley – facing 24 years behind bars for intentional killing – had denied murdering her boyfriend when questioned by police in the wake of the incident.

She claimed bloodstains in the room were from accidentally cutting her thumb while getting into the shower.

And bloodstains in the bed, she claimed, were from a sex session.

She admitted, though, she had argued with Reece after finding out he had cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend.

And she claimed that on the day before his death, he had threatened to throw himself off the balcony but she had managed to talk him out of it.

She also claimed Reece was a drug kingpin back in Britain in an apparent attempt to discredit him.

But in court, she changed her version of events, claiming the cut on her hand was caused by a broken glass and that they had argued about drug use instead.

The victim Pegram Reece, 22, after he was killed on 12th March, 2021, in Antalya, Turkey. (Newsflash)

Traces of cocaine had been found in Reece’s body during the post-mortem examination.

Kayley told the court how she went to the bathroom following the blazing row, but when she reemerged, her boyfriend was no longer there.

She said she then went to bed, with police arriving on the scene while she was asleep.

In a bizarre legal move, she tried to get judges to throw out her police statement claiming that her official interpreter had been unable to understand her Scottish accent.

But the court rejected the claim, pointing out that she was using the same interpreter at the hearing.

The court ordered the defendant to undergo a mental health assessment.

Prosecutors believe Kayley killed her boyfriend out of jealousy and are requesting a life sentence.

In Turkey, the minimum non-parole term for a life prisoner is 24 years.

It is unclear when the second hearing will take place.

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