Ukraine Refugees Arriving In UK Have To Abandon Their Pets And Other Animals Unlike In EU Countries

Ukrainian refugees arriving in the United Kingdom will have to abandon their pets and other animals they wish to bring with them because the United Kingdom has not relaxed its rules, unlike the European Union countries, it has been claimed.

PETA UK Director Elisa Allen, who wants to see a fast-tracked quarantine process, told Newsflash: “There’s enough inhumanity in this dreadful war without the UK adding to it.”

Animals entering the United Kingdom can currently be quarantine for up to 4 months, according to the UK government.

PETA at the border giving food and water to people with animal companions. (PETA/Newsflash)

The revelation comes as the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Kingdom Vadym Prystaiko revealed to the BBC that there were even delays regarding his wife being granted a visa as he criticised Britain’s “bureaucratic” system.

The Home Office is reportedly now under intense pressure to speed up the process after it was revealed that it had granted just 760 visas to date. (This number may have increased slightly since the time of writing.)

PETA UK’s Allen provided Newsflash with an exclusive statement that revealed the situation for animals is also bad.

PETA Germany and a rescued dog in a car. (PETA/Newsflash)

She said: “Many EU countries have now relaxed entry requirements for companion animals, which normally require them to be vaccinated and microchipped and to have had a recent rabies antibody test before entering the country.

“But not the UK.

“Any refugees hoping to come here to stay with family would have to abandon their beloved animal companions – which many would never do – leaving these families with nowhere to go.

“There’s enough inhumanity in this dreadful war without the UK adding to it.

PETA Mission in March 2022 – Dog with puppies travelling to Poland. (PETA/Newsflash)

“The UK could loosen entry requirements and set up controlled entry for non-vaccinated and non-microchipped animals to eliminate any risk of rabies.

“After a period of quarantine, the animals could be reunited with their beloved families. In these desperately difficult circumstances, it would be unconscionable not to offer whole families – including animal companions – refuge in the UK.

“Not doing so puts lives at risk: we recently heard from a woman who is desperate for her mother to join her in the UK, but her mother is refusing to leave without their family’s dog.

PETA at the border giving food and water to people with animal companions. (PETA/Newsflash)

“To date, PETA entities have brought nearly 250 animals from Ukraine to safety in Poland, but there is still much more to do and new missions are planned daily.

“Thanks to a network of brave volunteers, cats and dogs from all over Ukraine are being taken to a shelter in Lviv, in the west of the country, from which we are collecting them and, all being well, bringing them to shelters in Poland. From there, they can be reunited with their families or adopted into new loving homes in Poland or other parts of Europe.

“Anyone who wishes to help those fleeing from the war in Ukraine can urge government officials to relax the regulations around entry with companion animals to help keep families together in these tragic times. Visit for more information, including updates on the rapidly changing situation.”

PETA Germany and Lumilla Who Fled to Lviv from Kiyv with a deaf and blind dog she found tied to a lamp. (PETA/Newsflash)

The United Nations said two days ago that the number of refugees fleeing Putin’s war has surpassed 2 million.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has praised European countries welcoming people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Filippo Grandi said: “The response by Europe has been remarkable.” He added that a European Union (EU) temporary protection directive, announced last Thursday, “offers the refugees security and options, a chance for stability during a time of great upheaval.”

The British newspaper The Guardian said yesterday evening (Wednesday, 9th March) that UK “ministers are considering a climbdown to allow Ukrainians with temporary visas bring relatives to the UK after Ukraine’s ambassador called for an easing of restrictions”.

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