KILLER DRONE: Russia Destroys Ukrainian Personnel Carrier In Deadly UAV Strike

This is the moment Russian invaders destroy a Ukrainian armoured personnel carrier in a deadly drone strike.

The devastating strike took place when Russian troops discovered the Ukrainian personnel carrier from the air while operating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Ukrainian armoured carrier was totally destroyed by the drone strike.

Russian army destroy an Ukrainian Army armoured personnel carrier, in April, 2022. (@mil/Newsflash)

The MoD said in a statement: “The position of an armoured vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine [AFU] was found by the crew of the UAV, after which the armoured carrier of the AFU was destroyed by the drone strike.”

In the footage, the targeted personnel carrier is seen parked by the side of a road opposite a smouldering building.

A missile suddenly strikes the armoured vehicle in an apparent direct hit and a large cloud of smoke rises into the air.

Russian army destroy an Ukrainian Army armoured personnel carrier, in April, 2022. (@mil/Newsflash)

Russia invaded their neighbours Ukraine on 24th February in what the Kremlin called a “special military operation” in the sovereign European country. Today marks the 47th day of the invasion.

From 24th February to 11th April, the total combat losses of Russian troops stand at 19,500 personnel, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military also claims that Russia has lost 725 battle tanks, 1,923 combat armoured vehicles, 347 artillery systems, 111 MLR systems, 55 anti-aircraft systems, 1540 warplanes, 137 helicopters, 1,387 vehicles, seven vessels, 76 fuel tank trucks, 119 operational-tactical level UAVs, 25 units of special equipment, and four mobile SRBM systems.

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