Michaelangelo The Turtle Devours A Fish

It is a little known fact that while tortoises are herbivores, their close relative the turtle eats meat and will actively hunt down other animals like fish and shrimp – as demonstrated here by Michaelangelo the turtle seen tucking into a live fish meal.

A video of the turtle catching the fish by the tail and munching it down was recorded by his owner Booly, from Lousiville, in the US state of Kentucky.

Booly told Clipzilla: “Me and my girlfriend own the turtle, his name is Michaelangelo (sic), he is almost 1 year old, he was a gift from a friend.”

Michaelangelo the turtle seen tucking into a live fish meal.

When asked about his pet’s diet, Booly said: “He usually eats dried shrimp and mil worms and spinach or cabbage.”

But to fulfil a turtle’s nutritional requirement it is also advised that they have a combined diet of live plant and meat-based matter.

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When asked about Michaelangelo’s special dish, his owner added somewhat macabrely: “The best part is when the guts pop out, usually, he can’t bite through the fish so he’ll just swallow it.”

Michaelangelo seems very connected with his owners, allowing them to hold him.

His owner explained: “He is very active and aware of what’s going on, when he sees someone he gets so excited and wants attention.”

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