Russian Hunk, 23, Leaves Life As Factory Worker To Become Versace Model

This former factory worker from a small Russian village has become a Versace model in the country’s capital where he is now also recording music.

Daniil Cherepakhin, who calls himself a model from the slums, continues to gain fame in Russia after leaving his job as a factory worker to become a top model.

The 23-year-old man confirmed reports that he is already being compared to the country’s sexiest celebrities after undergoing a dramatic transformation.


He recently posted photos of his new look in the capital Moscow compared to his days working in a factory in a Russian village.

Netizens were taken by the young man’s stunning good looks with some even suggesting, alongside visiting stylists and hair salons, that he underwent plastic surgery to boost his full lips and shape of his nose.

However, Daniil, confirming that he was “a model for the Italian brand Versace”, told Newsflash: “I was not surprised by this, because it was planned. I went into it consciously. I studied a lot, worked hard, met people from this field.”


He admitted: “Yes, my style of clothing has changed a lot.”

Daniil said: “I moved to Moscow where I now work as a model, learn foreign languages, release content on social media, and improve my appearance.”

The hunky model said: “I cannot complain about my life before, but step by step I moved towards my goal.


“Luckily, my family supports me in everything.”

The Russian model confessed: “I don’t have a girlfriend yet.

“I plan to work abroad as a model, in America, in Europe. I also want to open my own business.


“Right now I am developing myself with various different skills such as drawing and singing, and I recently recorded a song in the studio.”

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