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Moment Dam Bursts Amid Heavy Rain In China

This is the moment a dam bursts in a remote region in northern China during heavy rains, sending a torrent of mud and water on to the water-logged farmland below.

The dam was one of two dams in Mo Banner in the northern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia that both collapsed during a torrential rainstorm on Sunday, causing flash floods, destroying bridges, and flooding farmland.

The Xinfa and Yongan dams were built to hold 38 million and 8 million cubic metres of water respectively.

The Xinfa Reservoir broke in Inner Mongolia, China. (AsiaWire)

They were predominantly used for flood control and irrigation, and were last reinforced in 2016.

The local authorities said that around 216 square kilometres of farmland was flooded during the heavy rains, and 22 bridges were damaged.

Meanwhile, around 15 kilometres of local roads were flooded with restricted use as of Monday.

The Xinfa Reservoir broke in Inner Mongolia, China. (AsiaWire)

Over 16,000 residents have been affected by the flash floods, however, no casualties have been reported.

The Chinese government issued a level three flood alert, with four being the maximum.

The government also sent emergency teams to the region to provide relief.

The Xinfa Reservoir broke in Inner Mongolia, China. (AsiaWire)

Villager E Shaokai, 24, told local media that the floodwaters had receded on Monday, however, roads remained blocked and farmland was still underwater.

Heavy rainfall continued in the region during the early part of this week.

Meanwhile, heavy rains also flooded parts of the capital Beijing during the weekend and one underground station had to be closed.

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