Moment Large Deer Roams Streets In Romanian Village In Middle Of Day

This is the moment a large deer roams the streets in the middle of the day and stunned locals say it is the first time they have ever seen one in the village.

The incident was filmed in the commune of Musetesti in the Romanian county of Gorj last week.

The red deer, also known as the Central European deer and the Carpathian deer, appeared in the village at around midday.

Robert Besoi/Newsflash

Local residents said the large animal appeared lost and disorientated while roaming the streets.

Villagers left their homes to admire the red deer up close and film it with their phones.

Images later appeared on Facebook, and locals said it was the first time they had ever seen a deer in the village.

Robert Besoi/Newsflash

One stunned villager is heard saying in the footage: “You don’t see something like this every day!”

According to the media company Digi24, the deer eventually jumped over a fence and returned to the forest shortly after appearing in the village.

In the footage, the large deer appears confused as it roams the streets alone in front of a group of locals, heard chattering in the background.

Robert Besoi/Newsflash

Facebook user ‘Iulia Sandu’ commented: “God, don’t let this animal become a trophy…”

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