Moment Mercedes SUV Knocks Motorbike Over On Motorway

This is the shocking moment a Mercedes SUV knocks over a motorbike on the motorway causing its rider to hit the tarmac hard and at speed.

The incident took place on the Xi’an Ring Expressway, which is a ring road encircling the city of Xi’an, which is the capital of Shaanxi Province in north-western China.

The footage shows the Mercedes-Benz SUV changing lane and hitting the motorcycle, which topples over and sends its rider rolling on the ground.

Car hits motorbike in Xi’an, China. (Shaanxi Police/AsiaWire)

The motorcycle rider remarkably escaped with only a few scratches and “slight abrasions”, according to local media, and went to hospital for a checkup.

Police responded to the incident and investigated the scene of the accident. They said that the Mercedes driver was a man called Wang, 38.

The matter is being investigated by the local police, who deem the car driver fully responsible for the incident.

Car hits motorbike in Xi’an, China. (Shaanxi Police/AsiaWire)

The Xi’an Traffic Police said: “The accident is currently under further investigation and handling, and the traffic violations involved will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law.”

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