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Moment Superdad Catches Falling Tot By Ankle Before Head Hits The Floor

This is the moment a ‘superdad’ catches his toddler son by his foot a split second before he was going to crash head-first on the floor after tumbling off his highchair.

The ‘dad save’ was filmed by the family’s CCTV camera at their home in the city of Quanzhou in the south-eastern Chinese province of Fujian on 24th August.

In the footage, shared on social media by the toddler’s mother Ms Cai, the father is seen feeding the boy as he sits improperly in the highchair with his legs to the side rather than under the tabletop.

Good reflex father avoids baby tumble in Quanzhou in China in August 2021. (cai786986/AsiaWire)

After eating a spoonful of food, the boy apparently winces at the taste and leans back, unbalancing himself.

The tot falls upside-down and just before his head is about to hit the floor, his lightning-quick dad catches an ankle and lifts him to safety before then cradling him in his arm.

Ms Cai confirmed that her son was uninjured in the incident and warned other parents to always keep an eye on their young children and not leave them unattended, not even for a second.

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