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Moment Woman Drives Stripped Car With No Doors And Seats On Main Road

This is the moment a woman appears to drive a completely stripped-down car on a main road while sitting on a box instead of a seat.

The unusual scene was filmed in the city of Zhengzhou in the Chinese province of Henan on 14th August.

A stunned motorist filmed a woman operating a vehicle without doors, windows, upholstery, and even seats on main city street.

Woman drives a car with no windows or doors in Zhengzhou, China. (Carrie1231/AsiaWire)

However, eagle-eyed observers will also see that the car apparently has no engine and that a tow rope seems to be tied to what remains of the front bumper.

The filming motorist, named as Ms Cao, said the vehicle was just an empty shell that was being towed along the road by another vehicle.

It is also believed that the stripped-down car had no brakes and it is unclear how the woman driver managed to stop at the final destination, or what she was supposed to do in the event of an emergency situation while en route.

Woman drives a car with no windows or doors in Zhengzhou, China. (Carrie1231/AsiaWire)

In the footage, the woman is seen sitting on a box while steering the stripped-down car, without doors, windows, upholstery, seats, and other essentials such as an engine.

Given the potentially dangerous road situation, it is unclear if the local authorities are looking into the matter.

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