Nervous Teacher Plays Violin To Distract Himself During First Paragliding Flight

Semih Er/Newsflash

This is the moment a violinist nervous about paragliding for the first time takes his musical instrument with him in order to calm his nerves.

Fikret Eren, 35, is a violin teacher and had told his childhood pal Semih Er, 30, that he was jealous of the fact that he was a professional paraglider as he had always dreamed of flying.

Semih, who has been paragliding professionally for eight years, suggested Fikret try paragliding and told him he just needed something to take his mind off it, which was when Kikret decided to take the violin with him.

Semih Er/Newsflash

He admits he was scared at first, but was given courage by the fact that his friend would be accompanying him, and added that he loved the idea of playing the violin above the mountains as an added incentive.

The two friends staged the stunt over the Turkish province of Kayseri on 3rd April.

In the images sent to Newsflash by Semih, it is seen that Fikret paraglides while playing the violin accompanied by beautiful snowy mountain views.

Semih Er/Newsflash

Speaking to Newsflash, Semih said: “Fikret admitted afterwards that his fear of flying had simply evaporated, and he regretted not paragliding until today. He is even enrolled now in our course to obtain a paragliding license.

“I have been doing this for eight years. I’ve made more than 3,000 flights. This means I flew with 3,000 people of different characters.”

But he admitted it was not every day he flew with a violinist, saying: “We had a very interesting flight.


“There were people who shaved while paragliding. People had a picnic in the sky. I even paraglided with people who took their pets with them.”

“I am happy to introduce people to the sky. Because this happiness is not something you can buy with money, it is a very different experience.”


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