Norwegian Photographer In Oz Wows With Stunning Sydney Snaps

A Norwegian photographer living in Australia has paid tribute to the place he now calls home with a series of stunning snaps of Sydney and in particular the city’s iconic Opera House.

Rune Svendsen, 46, who comes from the Norwegian city of Stavanger, has lived in Sydney in Australia for the last eight years.

He posts images of the city on Instagram for his growing army of 33,000 followers, including many of the Sydney Opera House.

Rune Svendsen,46, who has become an online hit for his photos with the Sydney opera house in Stavanger, Norway. (@svendsania/Newsflash)

Rune told Newsflash: “I got into street and travel photography as a way of documenting my trips. This was back when I was living in Norway and started to explore the world.

“I moved to Sydney in Australia in 2013, and was blown away by its beauty. My photographic journey began for real and over the last few years, most of my photography has naturally happened here.

“I have travelled across Australia a bit too, always with my camera close at hand.

Picture shows Sydney opera made by Rune Svendsen,46, in Sydney, Australia. (@svendsania/Newsflash)

“I love shooting classic subjects or icons, like a building or a bridge, but with my own twist and style. I look for new angles, or how I can incorporate other elements into my shot.

“I try to be original, yet while photographing something classic and beautiful. I use a few different glass filters and polarisers in front of my camera, and all my images are edited for light, colour, and other tweaks in post-production.

“I don’t use any presets or filters as such. Every image is unique, and I enjoy editing from the ground up.”

Picture shows Sydney opera made by Rune Svendsen,46, in Sydney, Australia. (@svendsania/Newsflash)

Rune, who said he has a “good day job” and that photography is a “side hustle”, told Newsflash: “The Sydney Opera House is my favourite building, for sure. It’s beautiful from every angle, and I have enjoyed shooting many different sides of it over the years.

“You can say it’s been an important part of my journey in Australia, both personally and for my photography. Opened in 1973, it is a world-renowned, architectural masterpiece that blows me away every time I see it.”

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