OAP Who Dumped Dog Poo On Neighbours Drive Has It Posted Back Through Her Letterbox After Being Caught On Camera

This is the moment a woman secretly films her elderly neighbour dumping dog poo on her drive and in another video gets revenge by gathering it up and posting it through the OAP’s letterbox.

Canuck-Kiwi Sasha Poldmaa posted a series of videos documenting her feud with her elderly neighbour over dog poo to TikTok.

Sasha explained in the first of her videos – which has since racked up 4.6 million views – that she had been arriving home every day to find dog poo on her driveway.

The poo Sasha Poldmaa, the Canadian New Zealander found on her driveway. (@sashapoldmaa/Newsflash)

Sasha assumed that her neighbour believed that Sasha’s pet dogs had been defecating on her lawn and that she was throwing the faeces back onto Sasha’s property to get revenge.

However, given that Sasha keeps her dogs secured while she is at work during the day, she knew her neighbour’s assumptions – and revenge – were misplaced.

To confirm her suspicions, Sasha set up a hidden camera to catch her elderly neighbour in the act – and did.

Sasha Poldmaa, the Canadian New Zealander caught her neighbor while she was throwing poo on her driveway. (@sashapoldmaa/Newsflash)

She told her TikTok followers: “This old lady from next door comes with the sh*t on her shovel and she is throwing it on my driveway.”

The second of Sasha’s videos opens with her penning a letter addressed to her neighbour, which the viewer can later see begins with: “I was shocked to find out that after reviewing the video surveillance of my home, it was because of your arrogant and frightening assumptions on my negligent animal ownership that led to three consecutive days of driveway dog poo dumping.”

Sasha then films herself as she posts the letter – along with a bag of dog poo collected from her driveway – into the elderly woman’s letterbox under the cover of darkness.

The letter Sasha Poldmaa, the Canadian New Zealander wrote for her neighbor who is throwing poo on her driveway. (@sashapoldmaa/Newsflash)

In the third video, Sasha is seen going to the police to obtain trespassing notices to send to the OAP.

However, the fourth and final video shows Sasha all giggling and jittery as her doorbell rings – and her elderly neighbour is seen outside the front door.

The video has a happy ending as the OAP admits her mistake and apologises to Sasha, with the two apparently getting on fine despite their prior bad blood and with no trespassing notices served.

Sasha Poldmaa, the Canadian New Zealander with the letter she wrote for her neighbor and the poo that she will leave it in her letterbox. (@sashapoldmaa/Newsflash)

During her apology to Sasha, the elderly woman sheepishly admitted she had also thrown more animal faeces over Sasha’s fence into her garden.

She admitted she “felt quite sick and horrible” when she opened and read the letter explaining her mistake.

She also said that Sasha’s revenge “serves me right” and ended by admitting that “the laugh’s on me”.

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