POLICE RACE STORM: Shock Video Shows Stark Difference Between Black And White Suspects

A video claiming to show the stark difference between the way police deal with a white girl and a black girl in a fight has shocked social media.

The footage – shot in London’s Hyde Park during a pro-cannabis demo – shows the two girls surrounded by a crowd as they scrap on the grass.

But spectators can be heard gasping in a surprise at the very different treatment handed out to the girls by police.

One officer can be seen straddling the black girl and pulling her hands behind her back for handcuffing.

Another can be seen angrily shoving a black protestor who tries to argue against the way the girl is being treated.

Meanwhile, other officers gently help the white girl to her feet, apparently to be given a ‘welfare check’.

YouTuber Sarchie, 19, from Hertfordshire told Newsflash he filmed the video at 8.05pm on 20th April.

At the time of writing, it had garnered 65,900 ‘likes’ online.

Sarchie said: “The black girl was arrested, the white girl was given a welfare check before the officers all turned their backs on her.

“As we were exiting the park, these all entered it – multiple officers, multiple horses – all as a response to a fight between two teenage girls, one of which they’d already decided was worthy of being detained with handcuff, the other was seen as such a non-threat, that they even turned their back on her.

“There was no difference in their behaviour. They fought, and as the black girl begun to win the fight, she was pulled away by the police.”

In the background, shocked spectators can be heard shouting: “Why is she in handcuffs? What the f*ck?”

Sarchie added: “Not sure how it ended, since I left soon after. However, I have videos of the police bringing reinforcements.”

According to reports, 10 suspects were arrested for offences including assaulting police and possession of class A drugs.

The police reportedly used dogs to disperse revellers leaving Hyde Park at around 9pm.

Superintendent Dan Ivey of the Metropolitan Police wrote on social media on the night of 20th April: “I’m part of command team (still here) so to be clear, this was a proportionate response to a large crowd leaving the park, some involved in assaults, with a machete seen, one knife recovered, along with a knuckle duster. All is now calm. Ten arrests made.”

Earlier this year, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bas Javid acknowledged that racism was a problem in the Metropolitan Police.

He said: “There are people who have racist views and are racist, and they are in the police. But what I won’t do is describe all of the organisation as a racist organisation.”

The scuffle took place as thousands of cannabis enthusiasts gathered in parks across Britain to mark ‘420’ day.

In many countries, 20th April has become an unofficial holiday that sees weed smokers gather to engage in their favourite pastime and to protest cannabis laws.

‘Four-twenty’ is a slang term for cannabis or cannabis use, with 4.20pm allegedly viewed as an ideal time to engage in the activity.

Cannabis is illegal to possess, distribute, sell or grow in the United Kingdom. It is classified as a class B drug.

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