RAF Performs Missing Man Formation

RAF Lakenheath, England, 15 June

This is the moment pilots from the 48th Fighter Wing flew a missing man formation at the RAF Lakenheath airforce base fly in memory of 1st Lt. Kenneth “Kage” Allen. The 27-year-old Lieutenant died when his plane crashed into the North Sea 140 miles northeast of Lakenheath during a training exercise last year on 15th June (2020) . During the flight am F-15C can be seen pitching away from the formation leaving a symbolic gap between the aircraft which is where “Kage” would have been flying. “The missing man formation more than symbolizes the absence of Lt. Allen and countless other aviators lost in the service of our country,” said Lt. Col. Todd Pearson, commander of the 493rd Fighter Squadron. He added that: “Kage was a great aviator and airman, and he is sorely missed around the squadron.”

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