ROLY MOLY: Biker Rolls Across Bonnet And Lands Standing Up After T-Bone Crash

This is the moment when a biker slams into the side of a turning car, rolls over the bonnet, and miraculously lands on his feet.

A CCTV camera caught the lucky escape as it happened on the GO-338 road in the Alto da Lapa neighbourhood of Pirenopolis, Goias state, west-central Brazil, on 24th August.

The footage shows how the driver of a parked, grey car pulls out into the road, apparently to perform a U-turn.

A motorcyclist hits a car stopped in the middle of the street, in Pirenopolis, Brazil, on Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022. He summersaulted and landed on feet. (Newsflash)

But no sooner has the motorist pulled out than a travelling motorcyclist rides straight into the vehicle’s front door.

The force of the impact causes the biker to eject from his saddle and perform something resembling a forward roll over the car bonnet.

He then lands on his feet on the other side and immediately starts walking away before taking off his helmet and throwing it to the tarmac in a huff.

A motorcyclist lands on feet after he hit a car in Pirenopolis, Brazil, on Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022. The car stopped in the middle of the street. (Newsflash)

Luckily, neither the biker nor the driver of the car were injured in the collision. However, the car was left with a noticeable dent in its side.

The incident was subsequently reported to the Civil Police (Brazil’s investigative police force).

At the time of reporting, the motorist had not been charged with any offence and the identities of both involved were withheld.

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