Russian Influencer Dies During 40-Day Hunger Experiment Without Food Or Water

A Russian influencer has died during a 40-day hunger ‘experiment’ to challenge his body after attempting to survive without food or water, and then at the end trying to exercise.

Russian influencer Vitaly Vygranovsky, aged 40, died in Abkhazia after fasting from food and water when he was close to the end of the mammoth fasting session. The exact date of his death is unclear, but reports of his passing first appeared on 3rd May.

According to the news site Lenta, Vygranovsky had wanted to carry out the hunger experiment for a while and planned to see if his body could hold out for 40 days without food and water.


The influencer embarked on his ‘experiment’ in mid-March when he was in the Russian capital Moscow. On his 10th day, he decided to move to Abkhazia as the city life began to annoy him.

According to Lenta, Vygranovsky felt an inner cleansing of his body before noticing that his body mass and muscle tone was changing. He then had no strength left for physical activity and could just able manage to walk about a little.

On day 30, he developed a fever and five days later he fell into a serious condition but never gave up fasting.


Vygranovskiy’s last posts were about raw food and he reportedly died when he tried to do exercise, but due to an extremely weakened state, his carotid arteries became compressed. However, there is no official confirmation of this information.

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