SCORNED BEEF: Young Woman Kills, Cuts Up And Cooks Hubby After He Cheated On Her

A young woman has been arrested for killing her abusive husband and cutting him into pieces before placing him in a pot and cooking him.

The 22-year-old Afghan woman, who is mother to a five-year-old girl, dismembered her husband’s body and cooked up his remains before she was discovered by police in Iran on Saturday, 13th August, according to local media.

Police found the mutilated body of the man, reported to be in his late 30s, at a residence in the city of Eslamshahr in Tehran Province after receiving a phone call from a concerned neighbour who noticed a terrible smell emanating from the married couple’s home.

Photo shows the handcuffs on the hands of a suspect who allegedly murdered and cooked her husband’s body in Eslamshahr, Iran, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022. The woman allegedly murdered her husband after learning that she was cheated on. (Newsflash)

The young suspect reportedly revealed that she grew weary of what she has described as her husband’s constant infidelities and decided to confront him.

She said: “I saw my husband and his lover at home, and we had an argument after that woman left. My husband brought the knife. I told him if he was cheating on me, he should kill me so he could get rid of me. He handed the knife to me.

“I held the knife to my stomach and asked, ‘How would you kill me if you wanted to kill me?

“‘I’d stab you in the stomach,’ he said. So, I took the knife and stabbed him and said: ‘That’s how I’ll kill you.’ I couldn’t understand how I did it all of a sudden. He fell to the ground and remained motionless.”

The man’s body has since been taken by the authorities for autopsy. A preliminary investigation saw the young woman recount the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her late husband.

Illustrative image of the city of Eslamshahr, Iran, from an undated video. A woman allegedly murdered and cooked her husband’s body in Eslamshahr, Iran, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022. (Newsflash)

She allegedly told investigators: “My partner used to beat me and my five-year-old daughter and betrayed me several times. I was tired of this behaviour and that’s why I killed him.”

Eslamshahr police chief Colonel Ali Aghakarkhane said: “At first, the accused made contradictory statements, but then went on to describe the murder in detail and claimed that she killed her husband due to an unusual relationship that he shared with another woman.”

The young woman, who has not been named, told local media that she misses her daughter and is worried about what the future might hold for her.

She added: “(My husband) was my cousin and we were married when I was 15 years old. After the wedding, I realised that he had no interest in me and was forced to marry by his family. On the first night of the wedding, he stared into my eyes and said frankly that he was not interested in me and that he had relationships with other women.”

There was no indication in Iranian reports or sources as to why she had cooked her husband’s remains.

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