Screams As Massive 3 Metre Screen Topples On Dancers On Stage

A young woman who escaped serious injury in this incident when a huge metal stand on a stage toppled over and crushed her dancers
has revealed she accidentally stepped forward at the last minute, in a move thatwas not choreographed, and believes God stepped in to save her life.

Video capture the moment the young woman steps forward just as the 3-metre-tall LED screen and the metal structure it was attached to topple over on the stage, crushing six dancers including two children aged 8 and 11.

But the central pillar that would have seriously injured the main dancer missed her completely after she for an unexplained reason suddenly took two steps forward that were not in the choreography, and moved away from the spot where a second later the metal structure collapes onto the stage.

The incident took place in the city of Ribeirao Preto, which is located in the state of Sao Paulo in south-eastern Brazil during the final rehearsal for a theatre play set to open to the public just hours later on Sunday 12th September.

Dancer and event organiser Cristiane Hikiji can be seen performing at the front of the stage. Behind her, further up the stage, six dancers can be seen standing still.

Then suddenly, a massive, 3-metre-tall LED screen slowly topples over on top of the six dancers, crushing them and pinning them to the stage as members of the crew who were watching scream.

Hikiji, who was only narrowly missed by the screen, is quoted in local media outlet UOL as saying: “I just felt wind in my hair and when I looked back I saw everything had fallen. It was despair and screaming. People didn’t know if they were hurt or if it was more a matter of fright.”

The dancer, who is also reportedly a doctor, said that she gave first aid to the injured.

It reportedly took 10 people to lift the structure back up and rescue the dancers pinned down under it.

The dancer said: “My first concern was with the neurological part, seeing that no one had been injured in the head, we started to see if anyone had been hurt a little more seriously. Soon after, medics arrived and took the victims to hospital.”

Hikiji added: “I was barely hit. I took two steps forward and everything fell. The curious thing is that these steps were not part of the choreography, I believe it was God.”

One dancer suffered a broken foot but all were later released from medical care in a stable condition. The injured reportedly include children aged 8, 11 and 17.

The show was part of a benefit programme called “Danca no Cinema” to raise funds for kids.

The structure toppled over was reportedly set up by the company the show had outsourced this responsibility to, called DX Producoes e Eventos.

It is thought that the authorities are investigating the incident. The event has in the meantime been postponed.

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