Surprise As Woman Opens Living Room Door To Find Wild Boar Relaxing On Sofa

A woman got the shock of her life when she arrived home to find her house in tatters and a wild boar shamelessly relaxing on her sofa, as seen in this picture.

The unnamed 39-year-old woman happened upon the wild animal in her home on Lennestrasse (Street) in the city of Hagen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia at around 1.20pm on Friday, 4th February.

According to a police press release, the wild boar was just three metres (10 feet) away from the woman, but it did not notice her, as its head was turned away at the moment she opened the door to the living room.

A wild boar which a woman from the German city of Hagen found lying on her sofa in her living room when she came back home on Friday on 4th February 2022. (Polizei Hagen/Newsflash)

The woman closed the living room door immediately and called the police, with a patrol car quickly arriving on the scene.

Hagen Police said: “The wild boar had wrecked the furniture and had made itself comfortable on the living room sofa. It probably entered the ground floor through a patio door. When the door shut, it got trapped.”

The officers, along with an authorised hunter, then set about working out how to return the dangerous 60-kilogramme (132-lb) animal back to nature without stressing it.

They eventually did so by simply opening the front door and letting the wild animal find its own way out, which it did before exiting the woman’s property over a fence.

Hagen Police said: “At this time of year [spring], wild boars protect their young ones from enemies. Do not approach young animals, keep them at a distance.

“And if one turns up in your living room, call the police!”

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