Tot Begs Dad To Stay Home Before Mission On Indonesian Submarine That Sunk Killing All On Board


This is the heartbreaking video of a toddler begging his dad to stay home before he left to board the KRI Nanggala 402 submarine on its ill-fated mission during which it sank killing all on board.

The Nanggala disappeared with 53 people on board in waters north of the Indonesian island province of Bali on 21st April.

Debris from the submarine was found within 10 nautical miles of the point of last contact with the vessel three days later.


Following a sonar and magnetometer scan, the Indonesian Navy confirmed that all 53 lives onboard the submarine, which had split into three parts, had been lost.

The submariner in the video has been named as Imam Adi.

A caption alongside the clip, which was posted to Instagram, read: “This video was taken before submariner Lettu Laut (P) Imam Adi left home for duty on board the KRI Nanggala 402.


“His son, Azka, was reluctant to let his father out of the room to prevent him from boarding the submarine.”

In the video, the youngster can be seen trying to shut the bedroom door with one hand while pushing his father back inside the room with the other and repeatedly crying “no”.

Imam Adi can be seen chuckling in the clip and holding his son’s hand.


The clip subsequently went viral and was even reportedly viewed by Tri Rismaharini, the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs.

Prabowo Subianto, the Indonesian Minister of Defence, has guaranteed college scholarships to all of the children who lost their fathers on the ill-fated submarine.

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