Trolls Target Young Woman For Proudly Posting Pic Of Her First Car Online, An Old Fiat 128

This pretty young woman aged 21 has been targeted by online haters after buying a Fiat 128 as her first car and proudly posting it online.

Luly Basile posted images of the white Fiat 128, manufactured by the Italian car manufacturer from 1969 to 1985, on Instagram where she boasts over 51,000 followers.

Overjoyed with purchasing her ‘dream car’, one that she had always wanted as a little girl after seeing adverts for the car in a magazine, she said: “With effort and dedication, everything arrives.”

She also said: “At least 16 years have passed from that first moment I saw the nagazine. And today, now that I am 21 years old, I have the same car that caught my attention as a little girl.”

However, the post generated a torrent of mocking comments from online haters who told her that “surely it is better to walk” and “you bought a banger with 50 years of use”.

Luly Basile, 21,who posted on social media about being able to buy a older car model, a Fiat 128, as her first car and received negative comments on on 8th May, in Argentina, with the car. (@lulybasile/Newsflash)

One netizen mocked: “With effort and dedication, you can return to 1985 to take a photo with a car your old man used to take you to school in.”

Another online troll said: “It must have cost the same as the iPhone you used to take the photo!”

However, the proud Argentine car owner ignored the negative comments and said: “I spent my whole life dreaming of this moment, it seems like yesterday when I was a girl going through my grandfather Antonio’s things and finding an old magazine with photos and adverts from Fiat.

“At least 16 years have passed since that moment.”

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