Viral: Bear Filmed Devouring Calf After Wreaking Havoc In Romanian Village For Over Week


This is the viral moment an “aggressive” bear that has been terrorising a Romanian village for several days is caught devouring a calf in a field by residents as the local authorities seek permission to shoot it.

The incident was filmed in the locality of Pojorata in the northern Romanian county of Suceava last week, and the footage was shared on Facebook where it has gone viral with 1.1 million views.

According to the news site Observator, the bear has been climbing fences and attacking animals in fields and gardens in Pojorata for several days.

In the footage, the large bear is seen devouring the calf in a field as locals shine car headlights on the animal and try to scare it away.

At one point, the bear leaves its prey and walks away, but returns a few seconds later and tries to ignore the headlights and attention.

Observator said the same bear has been roaming villagers’ fields and gardens for over a week.

In the latest incident, the bear was spotted walking on a main road before climbing a fence and attacking several livestock in a field.

The bear has reportedly killed a total of six cattle in the commune since first being spotted over a week ago.

The bear that frightened the villagers, filmed while eating a calf, in Suceava, Romania, in May 2021. (Vali Erhan/Newsflash)

Residents have called on the local authorities to receive permission from the Ministry of Environment to shoot the bear as soon as possible.

The local forestry department is still awaiting permission from the authorities in Bucharest to kill the “aggressive” bear.

Earlier this month, a Liechtenstein prince was accused of shooting dead a bear, probably the largest alive in the EU at the time, during a hunting expedition in Romania in March.

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein was reportedly granted a permit to shoot a female bear that wreaked havoc at several local farms.

However, the prince reportedly shot a large 17-year-old male brown bear called Arthur.

The National Environmental Guard from Romania has launched an investigation into the incident.

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