Woman With Terminator Arm After Hubby Chopped Off Hands Now Pregnant With Third Child

The Russian mother who ended up with a ‘Terminator’ arm after both her hands were hacked off by her husband with an axe in a forest has revealed that she is now pregnant with her new partner.

Margarita Grachyova, 28, was attacked by her husband Dmitry, from Serpukhov in Moscow Oblast in western Russia, in December 2017 after she requested a divorce and he accused her of being unfaithful.

He reportedly took her into a forest and tortured and mocked her before hacking off her hands with an axe.

Her left hand was sewn back on after the attack while her right hand could not be saved and is now what has been dubbed a ‘bionic arm’ and look similar to the terminator arm that was all that was left of the Arnold Schwarzenegger character after the first film in the series.

Her husband was handed a 14-year jail sentence for the attack.

Grachyova recently revealed that she married her new lover Denis and moved into his home in Saint Petersburg with her children.

Pic Shows: Margarita Grachyova; The Russian mother whose hands were hacked off by her husband with an axe has posted a snap of her sporting her “bionic arm” next to her son’s arm in plaster after he fell off his scooter.

She added that she has found a new job as a presenter with the TV channel Russia-1 and is now pregnant with her third child.

Grachyova revealed that the couple is expecting a baby girl.

She also said that she does not allow her jailed ex-husband’s mother to communicate with her two children.

With regards to stopping her former mother-in-law from seeing her children, she explained: “It is because she says her son is not to blame (for what happened) so she is not allowed to speak to her grandchildren.”

The 28-year-old mother added that her children’s gran still holds her culpable for everything that happened to her son and said she was not prepared to have her passing this message onto her sons.

It is unclear when Grachyova is expected to give birth to her third child with new hubby Denis.

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