Viral, Influencer Wows With Back Flips That Transcend Space And Time

This is the viral moment a US influencer carries out a slow-motion backflip that takes two days and one night and numerous changes of shirts.

Micah Moeller, 20, from the city of Bellingham in the US state of Washington, posts his well-edited flip vids on TikTok where he boasts 155,000 followers and numerous videos that have gone viral with over a million views.

In one clip viewed 3.4 million times, Micah is seen standing in a garden before performing a backflip in slow motion that features numerous changes of shirts and even crosses over two days and one night.

A photo of Micah Moeller, 20, in Park Butte Lookout, Washington, US. (@micah.moeller/Newsflash)

In a similar video in a spacious living room that has been viewed 3.7 million times on TikTok, Micah flips backwards as the camera performs a 360-degree turn around him.

Micah told Newsflash: “I have been flipping since I was young and my family bought a trampoline, but I never took it seriously until I met my friend Kendan Smiley and we would do trampoline tricks daily during the summer of 2017.

“I learned how to flip over years of practice and repetition. I never had traditional coaching like gymnastics or cheerleading.”

A photo of Micah Moeller, 20, in Mount Baker, US. (@micah.moeller/Newsflash)

With regards to his filmmaking, Micah explained: “Shorter term content usually takes about two days for me to produce (one day filming and one day editing), but some of my short content has taken up to 80 hours to produce.

“My longest project to create was a video on my YouTube channel about creating a trampoline park in my backyard. This video took about 800 hours to edit.

“Most of my VFX videos are used using practical effects (in camera effects), but sometimes I will use cross dissolves or motion blur to make the final product smoother.

Micah Moeller, 20, from Bellingham Washington doing flip overs. (@micah.moeller/Newsflash)

“I’ve always wanted to create videos professionally, and I have been for the past four years so I guess you could say this is a childhood dream.”

When asked about competing in tournaments, Micah told Newsflash: “I haven’t competed in any flipping events, but I have filmed for a few. I find that competing takes the fun out of how open the sport is.

“The flipping community is more about supporting others for their own progression rather than how good someone is compared to the top athletes in the sport.

Micah Moeller, 20, from Bellingham Washington doing flip overs. (@micah.moeller/Newsflash)

“The events are lots of fun though and usually have about 60 to 80 people competing.”

For any wannabe flippers out there, Micah added: “Flips are definitely dangerous and should be learned in a proper facility if you have access to one. Lots of gymnastics and cheerleading gyms have open gyms and there are also trampoline parks available, these are great places to learn how to flip.”

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