WAR IN UKRAINE: Defenders Fire Flurry Of Rockets At Russian Targets

This is the moment Ukrainian troops fire a flurry of rockets at Russian targets from a mobile launcher.

Operational Command West (OC West), a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, said the attack was carried out by members of the 24th Mechanized Brigade, named after King Daniel.

The King Daniel unit, a mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, successfully destroyed their targets in the easternmost Ukrainian region of Luhansk Oblast, according to OC West.

Artillery of the Royal Brigade destroys Russian enemy in Luhansk region in May 2022. (@pressOKzahid/Newsflash)

The Ukrainian military said on 24th May: “Rocket artillerymen of the 24th Mechanized Brigade named after King Daniel destroyed the enemy in the region of Luhansk.”

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