Weenie Pocket Underpants Reveal Fashion Sense Of Habsburg Royals During The Renaissance

A yellow pair of silky underpants with a weenie pocket knitted in the front will showcase the fashion style of the House of Habsburg royals during the renaissance in an exhibition in Austria.

High-class Habsburg clothing among which a pair underwear with a pocket especially knitted for Augustus Elector of Saxony’s manhood will be exhibited in the Ambras Castle which is a part of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in the German city of Innsbruck.

Augustus was the youngest child and third (but second surviving) son of Henry IV, Duke of Saxony, and Catherine of Mecklenburg who served as Elector of Saxony from 1553 to 1586.

Silk knitted underpants of Duke August von Sachsen. (SKD, Jurgen Losel/Newsflash)

The exhibition named “Fashion show. Princely Wardrobes of Three Centuries” will portray precious textiles and paintings from the Renaissance to the Baroque.

Ambras Castle Director Veronika Sandbichler said on Wednesday: “This [exhibition] is intended to direct attention to the details.”

The exhibition will showcase a total of 130 paintings and objects from the collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in the city of Vienna, however the modest director added: “Unfortunately, we only have a modest stock of textiles and no costume collection.”

Augustus, Elector of Saxony (1526–1586). (KHM-Museumsverband/Newsflash)

Sandbichler emphasised the importance of fashion though the centuries by saying: “Fashion is much more than just clothing, but rather an expression of power and, is also used for representational purposes.”

Curator and textile historian Katja Schmitz-von Ledebur explained that rulers and political elites were successfully “displaying their financial strength” through fashion and even supposed trivialities such as shoes served as “status symbols”.

However despite all the historical features Stefan Zeisler from the curatorial team said that “Fashion show” should not be observed as a purely historical exhibition and added: “We also wanted to show what influence fashion has on society today.”

Maria Magdalena (1587-1631) of Austria who was the Grand Duchess of Tuscany. (KHM-Museumsverband/Newsflash)

Interested enthusiasts who want to take a glance at the 16th to 18th century fashion details will be able to visit the exhibition from 17th June to 3rd October 2021.

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