White Thugs Beat Up Black Man In Wheelchair In The Bronx, Throwing Him To Ground And Stealing His Belongings

This is the shocking moment a group of white thugs attack a black man in his wheelchair in the Bronx, throwing him to the ground and stealing his belongings.

The footage of the incident that occurred on 267 Tremont Avenue in the Bronx in New York City on the 8th of November was released by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) yesterday, 23rd November.

Prior to the recording, the unidentified 39-year-old man in the wheelchair had an argument with a woman.

Group of four people beating a man in a wheelchair in New York City. (@NYPDnews/Newsflash)

Shortly after the argument, an unidentified group of men and one woman surrounded the victim and one of them started punching him in the face.

First of all, a man in a blue anorak walks purposefully towards him and the black man raises his fists, but he cannot avoid being punched in the head. Then a second man from behind also punches the black man in the head.

As the blows rain down on him, a woman in a white coat then also joins in, hitting him in the head before walking around to the other side to pick up something he dropped and throw it at him.

Group of four people beating a man in a wheelchair in New York City. (@NYPDnews/Newsflash)

At this point, the man is toppled over onto the ground after being overpowered and continues to try and defend himself by raising his fist although he appears unable to sit up.

As the man in the blue anorak continues to attack him, the woman in white appears to indicate that they should go and the person in yellow has in the meantime loaded all the disabled man’s belongings in bags onto his cycle, and is seen getting ready to leave with the stolen goods.

During the attack, a person wearing what appears to be a uniform, possibly a security guard, walks into the picture but pays little attention to the melee that is taking place around him. The police did not comment on who the person was or reference any eyewitnesses to the attack in their appeal for further people to come forward.

Group of four people beating a man in a wheelchair in New York City. (@NYPDnews/Newsflash)

By the end of the violent assault, the group had carefully taken all of the victim’s belongings.

They kick and punch the man a couple more times and walk away having stolen USD 800 (GBP 597) and the man’s mobile phone.

The victim suffered multiple injuries but refused medical attention, according to the NYPD statement.

Group of four people beating a man in a wheelchair in New York City. (@NYPDnews/Newsflash)

The police are appealing for information that might lead to the arrest of the suspects.

The investigation is ongoing.

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