Woman Kills Own Mum Because She Thought She Was Another Relative In Disguise

A woman has allegedly killed her own mother after claiming she thought she was a different relative in disguise who was sneaking in to cause harm.

The alleged attacker Natalie Marie Gonzalez, 31, is accused of killing her mother Jacqueline Negron in the city of Kissimmee in Osceola County in the US state of Florida on 11th December.

Officers on the scene found Gonzalez holding a pair of scissors and a hammer while her mother’s body had puncture wounds and blunt force trauma injuries, and was found lying in a pool of blood nearby.

Natalie Marie Gonzalez from Florida who is being charged with first-degree murder, after killing her mother because she believed the mother was another relative in disguise. (Osceola County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

The police said: “Natalie did not comply with deputies’ demands to drop the weapons and had to be detained.”

The police stated that the victim “appeared to have been recently cut with scissors, as there were obvious cuts made in her hair and clusters of hair on the body and the floor of the bathroom”.

Forensic experts at the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the victim suffered a skull fracture on the back of her head that was caused by a blunt instrument.

The police said the suspect gave “spontaneous statements” before signing an affidavit stating she “believed her mother was another relative in disguise”, identified as the mother of her niece.

She claimed she thought her mother was actually this relative and wanted to hurt her, but would not provide any further information when pressed by interrogators.

The police said the suspect also confessed to cutting the victim’s hair during the incident because the relative used to cut her niece’s hair unevenly.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said Gonzalez has been charged with first-degree murder as the investigation continues.

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